Check Kubernetes Cluster Health Status

How to Check Kubernetes Cluster Health Status

In this blog, you will learn different ways to check Kubernetes cluster health status.

To check the Kubernetes cluster health, you can do the following.

  1. Check cluster API health
  2. Check Node status
  3. Check cluster pod status

Kubernetes Cluster Health Check Command

You can check the health of the API endpoints using the following command.

kubectl get --raw='/readyz?verbose'
Kubernetes Cluster Health Check Command

From within the cluster, you can use

curl -k https://localhost:6443/livez?verbose

There is also a component status command that is deprecated but works in the latest version.

kubectl get cs

Kubernetes Node Status Command

The following kubectl command gives you the status of the node.

kubectl get nodes
Kubernetes Node Status

To get a detailed status and information of Kubernetes nodes, use the following kubectl command.

kubectl describe nodes

Check Cluster Pod Status

List all the cluster pods from the kube-system namespace and check their status.

Check Cluster Pod Status
kubectl get po -n kube-system


When it comes to day-to-day kubernetes operations, it is essential to check the cluster status using different ways to ensure the cluster is running without any issues.

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Check Kubernetes Cluster Health Status

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