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Linux Foundation Coupon for 2021

Hi Techies, I wanted to let you know about a pretty sweet deal with the Linux Foundation Coupon that is running now.

Linux Foundation certifications are considered industry-standard open-source certifications. It offers certification and training programs on technologies like Linux, Kubernetes, GitOps, OpenStack, kernel development, DevOps, SRE, Jenkins, etc.

Linux Foundation Coupons

Here are the latest site-wide Coupons From The Linux Foundation

[25% OFF ] DevOps Engineer Sale

As part of the DevOps engineer sale, Save 25% on all the Linux Foundation training, certification, and Bootcamp programs. This is a limited-time offer for this month.

Coupon: use code DEVOPS25 at checkout

Important Note: This offer expires soon. Locking the price before its expires and save on your exams.

[$600 OFF] Cloud Engineer Bootcamp Discount

Become a certified cloud engineer, one of the 15 highest paying IT jobs, in as little as six months using the cloud engineer Bootcamp programs. As part of an exclusive sale, you can get a 50% discount or $600 savings on the Bootcamp programs.

Coupon: use code BOOTCAMP2021 at checkout

[$94 OFF] CKA, CKAD, CKS and Other Certifications

Get a flat 25% discount on CKA, CKAD, and CKS certifications and associated training programs and save up to $244 using bundles.

Use Coupon: DEVOPS25

15% Sitewide Coupon: Use coupon code SCOFFER15 to get 15% on all training and certification programs throughout the year.

[15% OFF ] Discount on All Certification & Training

Save 15% on all the Linux Foundation training and certification programs. This is a limited-time offer for this month.

Coupon: use code SCOFFER15 at checkout

Important Note: Linux Foundation certification costs have increased for certifications like CKA, CKAD, and CKS from July 1st, 2021.

[Save $57] Exclusive Offer for Scriptcrunch Users

This is an exclusive offer from the Linux Foundation for users. You will get a $45 discount sitewide using this coupon.

Coupon: use code SCOFFER15 at checkout

[80% OFF] Cloud Bootcamp – New Year 2021 Offer [Expired]

As part of the new year 2021 promotion, The Linux Foundation offers an 80% discount on the cloud engineer Bootcamp programs. This offer is valid till January 19th. You could save up to $1900 with this offer

There is a special offer running on the cloud engineer Bootcamp bundle. It includes CKAD certification with training programs. You could save 50% on this program.

Save Big on Linux Foundation Bootcamp Programs

Linux Foundation has Bootcamp programs that let you save a huge amount on its training and certifications.

Here are the top Bootcamp programs offered by The Linux Foundation

  1. Advanced Cloud Engineer Bootcamp – Save $1,000 with Linux (LFCS) & CKA certification bundles.
  2. Cloud Engineer Bootcamp – Save $1000 with bundles

Key Certification Programs for DevOps Engineers

Following are the key certifications that interest most DevOps Engineers. If purchase the course as a bundle, you could save $100.

  1. Linux foundation certified system administrator (LFCS)
  2. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
  3. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)
  4. Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS)
  5. Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA)

Here are the voucher codes for these exams. It has CKA, CKAD & CKS exam discounts for 2021

CertificationsCoupon Code
LFCS Voucher CodeLINUX30
CKS Voucher CodeSCOFFER15
LFCA Voucher CodeLINUX30
LFCE Voucher CodeLINUX30

These certifications are challenging and it shows your expertise in those toolsets.

Moreover, every certification has an associated preparation course from beginners to advanced levels. This will help you in attaining the certification.

Linux Foundation DevOps and SRE Courses

The following are the key training courses related to DevOps and SRE. You can get started with the free courses offered by the Linux foundation. The paid courses are priced at $299. You can save 15% with our coupon code.

  1. Introduction to Jenkins (LFS167) [Free]
  2. Introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (LFS162) [Free]
  3. Jenkins Essentials (LFS267) [Paid]
  4. DevOps and SRE Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery [Paid]
  5. CI/CD with Jenkins X (LFS268) [Paid]

How to Get 32% Discount On Linux Foundation

The best way to get a 32% discount on the Linux foundation is by choosing the certification bundles. When you bundle a preparation course with the relevant certification, you will get $100 off on the bundle and an extra 15% discount on the total bill amount using the coupon SCOFFER15

Here is how you apply coupon to get the extra 15% discount.

Linux foundation 15% discount

[65% OFF] Cyber Monday Deal

The 2020 Linux foundation cyber Monday deal is live. You will get a 65% discount on all the Linux Foundation training and certification programs.

Act fast before the deal ends. This deal will be active till December 8th (Only a few more days left). Here are the three key Cyber Monday deals you should look at.

Deal TypeDeal InformationBest Deal
The Power Bundle [65% Discount] In this bundle, you will get training and two exam registrations for a 65% Discount. That is $650 in Savings Kubernetes Fundamentals + CKA exam + CKS Exam
Course & Certification Bundle[60% Discount] When you opt for a course and certification, you can get a flat 60% discount.Kubernetes courses + Certification Bundles (CKA, CKAD, and CKS)
Training + Certification Offer[40% Discount] If you pick any training or certification separately, you will get a 40% discount.Cloud & Containers + DevOps and Site Reliability.

Linux Foundation Black Friday Offers

Note: These offers are valid only during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and during other special day promotions.

Here are the top Linux Foundation Black Friday Deals

CategoryBlack Friday Offer Details
Certifications$100 + 15% With Coupon SCOFFER15
Courses15% Flat Discount With Coupon SCOFFER15
BootcampsSave $1300 on Bootcamps

For the first time ever, they’ve knocked down the price on their Certification + Course bundle plan by $189 for black Friday.

It comes to 60% off on its key certifications and preparation bundle.

This plan includes the course preparation guide, plus their certification registration, a free T-Shirt, and resources to help reinforce what you’re learning.

This plan adds a lot of value—and with this promotion—at a great price too.

They’ve also knocked $150 off their regular subscription price.

Every serious Sysadmin/ DevOps Engineer must use this great offer on certifications.

Linux foundation coupon - 30% off

=> Click here to save up to $150 on Linux Foundation <==

I don’t think you’re going to have another opportunity like this for a LONG time.

All we can say is that you don’t have a lot of time to make up your mind.

And since We sincerely believe that the Linux Foundation is a resource that every single DevOps guy should have…

And since you and us know that nothing ever happens without a deadline…

And since we want you to take action on this because it’s in your best interests to do so.

Note: Also check for updated coupons here => Linux Foundation Coupons

Top Linux Foundation Courses

Following are the top courses from the Linux Foundation.

  1. Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management (LFC110)
  2. Introduction to GitOps (LFS169)
  3. Introduction to Node.js

We will keep updating the latest top resources from the Linux foundation.

Linux Foundation Discout FAQ’s

How long the exam voucher codes are valid?

If you use the voucher code and purchase a certification exam like CKA, CKAD, or CKS, it will be valid for one year.

What is the maximum discount you can get from the Linux foundation?

During Black Friday and holiday promotions, you could get up to a 65% discount. For special days, you can get up to 21%. You can always redeem 15% using coupon SCOFFER15

Linux foundation coupon

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30 thoughts on “Linux Foundation Coupon for 2021”

    • hi Minny, use DCUBEXMAS20 to get a 20% discount…valid for a limited time. you can use Use SCOFFER15 anytime to get a 15% discount on any certification from Linux founation training.

    • Get a 21% discount on the CKA exam using a coupon SCCNY21 check for the latest CKA voucher codes. You can use the coupon SCOFFER15 anytime to get a 15% discount on CKA, CKAD or CKS certifications

  1. when is the next 21% OFF on CKAD Certification. Please let me know the dates in June 2021. I am ready to take the exam on 21% OFF

    • Hi Darrel,

      Currently, there are no deals for the Bootcamp programs! When it is available we will update it in the post.

  2. HI,

    Do are there any chances to get more discount on the CKA exam ? right now I see we can get up to 15%, but can we get more than this ? 30% ? 45% ?

    and what are the platforms where we can get to know about these discounts ?


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