Black Friday Deals For Techies

Best Black Friday Deals For Techies & DevOps Enthusiasts

In this blog, we have listed down all the best Black Friday deals for techies. This is the best time to get maximum savings on subscriptions.

The best thing you can do if you are in IT is investing in yourself through learning. Learning new tools, languages, and design patterns will add more value to your career path.

There are plenty of free online resources for learning all technologies. However, guided online training will save more time and provides lots of use cases to understand technology better.

Black Friday Deals For Techies [2021]

We have collected the best Black Friday deals for all techies which would save a lot of money as these offers have huge discounts and are available only once a year

Top Black Friday Deals Summary

We have organized all the top Black Friday techies deals in the following table.

Course Providers

Black Friday Discount

Discount page


Get up to 97% Discount (Average $40 Savings)


40% Site wide sale


75% discount annual subscriptions.

40% (1 year) & 16% (2 year) discount on aunlimited plans


50% discount on premium plans


Flat 60% on courses and 35% on premium subscription

A Cloud Guru

Get flat 40% discount


Get 75% discount

The Linux Foundation

Get 65% discount


40% Expected discount


40% Expected discount

Offer not live yet

Here are the Detailed Offer details from each provider.

1. Pluralsight Black Friday Deal (40% Off)

Pluralsight has all developer and sysadmins courses and certification training. It covers many categories in the IT domain. As far as the DevOps domain is concerned, it offers courses and certifications training on the cloud, CI/CD, Automation, Containers, Kubernetes, etc.

2. Udemy Black Friday Deal (Up To 96% Off)

Udemy is a great place where you have many instructors teaching multiple technologies. You can choose a course based on the user reviews and the number of subscriptions.

There are many DevOps courses to choose from well-known industry specialists on a variety of topics.

Normally Udemy courses are priced between $50 – $200.  With Black Friday offer, you can get all the Udemy courses for 97% Off. This is a limited time offer.

3. Datacamp Black Friday Deal (75% Off)

Datacamp is one of the best portals to learn data science, data engineer, and machine learning-related technologies.

For Black Friday, Datacamp is offering a 75% flat discount on its premium subscription plan. You could save more than $200 with this offer.

4. Udacity Black Friday Deal (75% Off)

Udacity is an online platform that offers courses and nano degree programs in development, project management, IT operations, data engineering, machine learning, IoT, and much more.

Udacity is offering a huge 75% discount on all its programs as part of Black Friday.

Note: Use code TWIT75 at checkout

5. Black Friday Deal (40% Off)

Educative has hands-on courses focussed on career development and interview preparation. The course contents are excellent and created with quality. You can give it a try for free, and if you wish to get the premium membership, you can make use of the Black Friday offer.

Educative is offering 40% plus an additional 20% for this Black Friday

6. Linux Foundation Black Friday Deal (60% Off)

Linux Foundation is known for its support,  training, and certifications for Linux and other open-source projects. If you are into DevOps, mainly Linux, Kubernetes and OpenStack then you should not miss this deal as it is on their certifications.

With the Linux Foundation coupon for Black Friday, you can get a huge discount on training and certifications.

Normally all the certifications offered by Linux foundation costs more than $300 and $500 with the associated course.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal starts from 29th November through December 6th, you can get all these bundles for just $189. It’s almost 60% Off and it will be available only once a year.

Use Coupon: DCUBEOFFER at checkout

7. The Blockchain Council Black Friday Deal (25% Discount)

If you are a blockchain enthusiast and want to learn, develop, or pursue a blockchain career, the blockchain council is the right place to start.

Blockchain council offers a 25% discount on all its blockchain training courses and certifications for this Black Friday.

8. A Cloud Guru Black Friday Deal (40% Off)

Linux Academy is a great place to learn about cloud and open source technologies. It has many courses on cloud platforms, certifications, Configuration Management Tools, DevOps tools, containers, and Kubernetes.

9. Skillshare Black Friday deal

With the skillshare black Friday deal, you can get a one-month skillshare subscription totally free. You will be able to access all the courses from skillshare for a month completely free.

Black friday deals for techies

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