How to Install and Configure MongoDb on Redhat 7/CentOS 7

How do I install the latest mongoDB database server and components in Redhat 7 or a centos 7 box?

There are no Mongodb packages available in the default yum repository. You need to add the mongoDb repository and then install and configure it. Follow the guide given below which has the steps for the same.

Install MongoDb on Redhat 7/CentOS 7

1. Add repository

2. Install mongodb.

3. Set SElinux content for mongodb port, if it is in enforcing mode. You can check the SELinux status using “sestatus” command.

4. Start MongoDB service.

You can check the mongoDB logs using the following command.

5. Add mongod service to boot.

6. To stop and restart mongoDB service, you can use the following commands.

Enable MongoDB Remote Access

By default mongoDb can be accessed only on the installed host. If you want remote access of mongodb instance, you need to do the following configuration.

1. Open mongod.conf file

2. Search for bindIP parameter in the file, and repalace its value to as shown below. If you want to bind the mongodb service to a specific port, you can replace to the IP.

3. restart the mongod service.


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