How to Install Anible IN Redhat 7/ Centos 7 Servers

How do I install latest ansible server on a Redhat or Centos 7 server?

You can easily install the latest stable version of ansible in a Redhat or centos7 server using the EPEL repo. The default yum repo does have the ansible installation. Follow the steps for the ansible setup.

You can install Ansible in two ways.

  1. Using yum repository
  2. From the source.

Install using yum

1.  Setup EPEL repository.

sudo rpm -ivh epel-release-7-8.noarch.rpm

2. Update Server.

sudo yum update -y

3. Install ansible.

sudo yum install ansible

4. Confirm the ansible installation by checking ansible server version.

ansible --version

Install from source

1. Clone the ansible source from Github

git clone git:// --recursive

2. CD into ansible clone.

cd ./ansible

3. Setup using bash

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