MariaDB Setup on Centos and Redhat

How To Install and Configure MariaDB on Centos/RedHat

I want to install MariaDB on Redhat. How do I install MariaDB from command Line?

About MariaDB: It is an open-source database solution.

MariaDB Quick Installation on Centos/Redhat

Step 1: Install MariaDB server and client

Step 2: Start and enable MariaDB services

Step 3: Check the status of MariaDB service

How to Secure MariaDB Installation

Set password for your MySQL instance using the following command. The command will prompt for the current root password, you can hit enter as there is no default password. All the other prompts are self-explanatory.

How To Login To MariaDB server From CLI

Login using MySQL client terminal using the root password using mysql command.

How To Create a MariaDB User and a Database

Step 1: Create a user named myuser. Replace s3cret with a required strong password.

Step 2: Create a db named mydb.

How To Grant Privileges To a MariaDB Database User

Step 1: Grant all privileges on the mydb database to the myuser user.

Step 2: Flush the privileges and exit the MySQL terminal.


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