How To Setup Php ,Mysql And Apache To Run On Windows And Linux

Setting up the Php, Mysql and Apache environment on windows and Linux is not a hard thing to do. Either you can install everything separately or you can install it as a package. For windows it is called WAMP server (Windows Apache Mysql Php) and for linux it is called LAMP server (Linux Apache Mysql Php).

1)Installing WAMP on windows:

  1. Download Wamp server from here . Downoad WAMP
  2. Once the file is downloaded, click and install it.
  3. You will find the wamp server icon on the task bar.
  4. Right click the icon and you will see all the installed services. ie, php, MySQL, Apache and phpmyadmin.
  5. Phpmyadmin is the GUI tool for managing Mysql databases.
  6. By default the username of the MySQL database will be “root”. and there will be no password. You can set user name and password using command line interface of Mysql.
  7. Using wamp server you can run your php and mysql websites on your localhost.

2)Installing LAMP server on Linux:

  1. Open linux terminal and type the following code to install LAMP server in Linux.


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