How To Host A JSP,PHP,Python Websites For Free

With the advent of cloud platform services, many PaaS providers offer free hosting service as their basic plan. This let users try out their platform and you can test the service for a particular time. For instance amazon AWS can be used for free for one year. All you need is a credit card to sign up. Amazon offers one year free tier , in which you can deploy a micro server, which can be a linux or windows instance. Most of the PaaS service providers provide a basic free plan or a free trial. Am going to explain few of those services in which you can host your websites for free for testing purposes.

1.Cloudbees: Cloudbees is an excellant platform for deploying your java based applications. Sign up process is so easy and you can deploy your website in cloudbees in minutes. Just you have to upload the war format of your jsp website. you can deploy php and various website in cloudbees . It also offers two databases  Mysql and MongoHQ which is a noSQL database. Both databases have basic free plan.
2.Appfog: Appfog is also an excellant platform for deploying website developed in various languages. App fog has a basic free plan in which you can deploy and test you web applications on cloud. Appfog basically uses three IaaS services as their backend services. 
3.Xeround: Xeround offers free mysql database service on cloud. Basic free paln includes 10 mb free database storge. Which is quite enough for testing purposes.

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