How To Rectify Transaction Lock /var/lib/rpm in Linux

When you interrupt yum installation and try to reinstall the package again , you are likely to get a transaction lock. You can rectify this issue using the following methods.
1. Remove the db files and rebuild those files again using the following commnds.

Sudo rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db.00*
Sudo rpm --rebuilddb

Once you executed the above commands all the locks will be freed and you can continue with your instllation.

2. You can also remove the locks by kill all the existing process which is holding the lock on the resource using the following commands.

Sudo ps –ef

The above command will show all the existing process.

Find the process id and kill the ,process using the following command

Kill –9 <process id>
 Use the following command to search the yum processes

Ps aux | grep yum 
 The above command will list all the yum process. Get the process id and kill all the process using the following command.

Kill -9 process-id 

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