Complete DevOps Tutorial Series

The aim of this tutorial series is to take anyone from zero to devops. We will cover each and every step required you to practice devops and learn automation tools. All the tutorial series will contain enough information and linked resources to get a good understanding of the tools and technologies explained.

DevOps Tutorial Series: Learning Path

This tutorial series is split into multiple parts. It is structured in a way to get started from scratch for absolute beginners.

Introduction and Basics

1. Introduction to DevOps [What Does DevOps Really Mean]

2. Linux – Linux Flavorus, File System and Basic Operations

3. Linux – User Management and File Permissions

4. Linux – Installing  and managing applications

5. Linux – Networking and Firewall

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Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Server Provisioning

1. Understanding Virtualization and Cloud Computing

2. Creating a Virtual Machine on AWS cloud

3. Connecting to Virtual Machine and Basic Operations

Web Servers, Websites, Databases and Two-Tier Architecture

In this series, we will cover, web server basics, application server basics, database basics and two-tier architectures.

1. Installing and Setting up a static Website Using Apache and Nginx Web servers

2. Installing and Setting up a Dynamic WordPress Website Using LAMP Stack on a Single Server

3. Installing and Setting up a Dynamic WordPress Website Using LAMP Stack on Multiple Servers [ Two-Tier Architecture ]

4. Setting up Nginx Proxy for WordPress Application

Version Control

1. Git – Getting started With Version Control Systems

2. Git – Basic Operations

3. Setting up a repository in Github and Performing Basic Git Operations

Application Servers, Application Builds,  APIs and Three Tier Architecture

1. Installing and configuring Apache Tomcat Server

2. Building a sample Java Application

3. Deploying Sample Java Application to Apache Tomcat Server

4. HTTP Codes, API basics, and Postman App

4. Testing API Calls to the Sample Application Using Postman App

Shell Scripting and Automation

1. Getting Started with Shell Scripts

2. Automating Application Installation using Shell Scripts

3. Ansible Basics and Use cases

4. Setting up Ansible and Writing your First Playbook

5. Automating WordPress Setup using Ansible


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