AWS Certification: Import Export Essentials and References

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AWS import export is a service to ship a huge amount of data, like petabytes of data which takes up a lot of bandwidth to upload if you are trying to use the corporate network. You can also use this service to move AWS data to your datacenter from s3. Import export service uses the AWS dedicated network which bypasses the internet for uploading content to AWS.

Import Export Essentials

In this article, we will look into all the main concepts and references for the AWS import export service.

Types of Import Export

Ther are two types of import export services.

  1. Import/Export disk:- In this, you need to buy a disk and transfer all your data to the disk. Then you need to send the data disk to AWS and they will upload the data s3, EBS or glacier, depending upon your requirement.
  2. Import/Export snowball:- It is custom data storage appliance from AWS, wherein it supports 50Tb data transfer. The data transferred to snowball is encrypted and designed in a way to resist tamper. You have to rent the snowball appliance for your data transfer.

Key Points

  1. Snowball is considered to be cost effective when compared to import export disk where you need to purchase the hardware. Also, snowball supports 50Tb data transfer in a secure way.
  2. Using Import export disk, you can
    1.  Import data to s3
    2. Import data to EBS
    3. Import data to Glacier and
    4. Export from S3.

3. Using Import export snowball, you can
1. Import to s3 and

2. Export to s3.

Pricing Reference: Import export pricing

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